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Sketch Brahma
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    Sun Restaurant

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    UX/UI Design, UI Development & Python Django

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You might think, that everyone today is savvy of ordering food online. Well, you will be surprised as to how many people are still learning that art. We were challenged to build a website for food delivery service for a restaurant based in HOSUR a suburb near Bangalore where food tech is still in its genesis. The brief was to bring food service to people where people didn’t “SWIGGYIT” yet. And the solution was simple. A simple design that not only enhances the user experience but also aesthetically compels them to look at the delectable food shots and order of the menu. We transformed their website into a web app, helping them reach a wider audience around them.


We understood our clients' needs and audience and then offered them to expand their business, by transforming it into a food portal, so as to reach people more people who crave delicious food Where No Minimum order, Live Tracking, Lighting Fast delivery and a few more features.

suneats screen

From choice of colours – something that connects with the consumers, to the choice of font – something that is easy to read, to illustrating – simple yet colourful designs, we progressively helped to create an indigenous solution for the brand.

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Landing Page

When the user lands on this page, it is important to catch their attention, immediately. In order to do this, we created easy to browse categories for them to choose from, attractive banners that entice them with offers and coupons. It’s also important for the consumer to understand how to order, and what better way to do this than take them from a step-by-step process.

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